Finally we are ready to start ERP Hosting here at offers small and medium companies (SME) a hosted ERP solution which is not only affordable but also installed and ready to go. You don't need to invest in hardware, software and special staff. Our ERP Hositng solution offers many advantages:



  • no hardware of software investment
  • one solution covering most business needs
  • sales (quotations, order confirmations, invoices)
  • purchases (purchase orders, vendor invoices)
  • inventory (by warehouse and storage location,
    serial number management, COGS calculation)
  • assembly production
  • time recording and project management (invoice for time spent on projects)
  • recurring transaction
  • full accounting integration (P&L and balance fully supported)
  • multi-currency support (invoice or purchase in different currencies)
  • multilingual support (GUI language and language for print documents)

Migration to ERP-Ledger is easy.

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