Something is not working - a message is popping up while you're in a hurry anyway. It's really annoying.
So, how to solve this problem?
Use this checklist to nail the problem down and to find a possible solution.

  1. What data has been entered?
  2. Did you get an error message? If so write it down. Do know what it means?
  3. Did the system react in an anormal or unexpected way (funny screen etc)? If so make a screen shot.
  4. Can the error be reproduced? If not it will be very difficult to find a solution.
  5. If you can reproduce the error do you get any hints about exceptional circumstances?
    (e.g. database connection problem, program missing, directory can't be accessed)
  6. Let's assume it's really a problem. Did other people experience the same problem?
    What does Google know about it? Are there any errror reports? Any solutions?
  7. If you can't find any solution or you can't apply the solution please contact us.
    Make sure that you provide screen shots and any other materials which might help to solve the problem