Our Free ERP-Ledger Hosting can be used by anybody. Free means "free for as long as we offer ERP-Ledger". There is no limit like "the first 2 or 3 months!.
It is a complete working solution for smaller companies. Main features:

  • there is no transaction limit - even though we reserve the right to limit this (see our Terms of Service)
  • all application functions including all enhancement functions with the exception of sending documents by email
  • some system functions are excluded; these functions don't impact the system usage

For the Free ERP-Ledger Hosting you receive one user-id. If you require additional user-id's you need to change to one of our chargeable hosting plans. Read the details.


Free Mailing List Support

You are invited to join the free mailing list. Please not that mailing list peer support is non-commttal. Advise is given by other users on a best effort bases Read the details

Data Security and Backup

We go to considerable length to ensure System Security. Due to our hardware configuration and backup policy we can recover even in case of a major disaster e.g. servers completely destroyed. Read the details.

Privacy Policy

We only store user data required to conduct the business (mainly: name, email address, billing information). We ensure protection of your private data. We will never disclose or pass your private data to unrelated companies unless requested by law enforcement. Read the details.

Terms of Service

All our hosting services (Free Hosting as well as Chargeable Hosting) are governed by our Terms of Service. Read the details.

Required Data after Signing Up

To set up your Free Hosting Account we require some information about the company and the user(s) to be set up. Read the details.


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