Support Plans

All prices are in Japanese Yen and excl. consumption tax (currently 8%). Prices for Support Plans are per year.

The ERP-Ledger hosting solution is based on Ledger123. It is targeted at customers in Japan, China and other countries and includes Japanese and Chinese document templates.

Hosting Pricing

All prices are in Japanese Yen and excl. consumption tax (currently 8%). Hosting prices are per month.


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Start-Up Support

Checking of Migration Data
Customizing of Print Documents
(customer address, logo etc.)
Standard Support Application Support
Bug Fixes
Response time: 8hrs
Monday - Friday
Contact by email
Priority Support Application Support
Priority Bug Fixes
Response Time: 4 hrs
Monday - Sunday
Contact by email or phone

Incident-based Support

For customers without a valid support package we offer incident-based support. The price of this support depends on type of problem. If you should require such report please contact us providing full details of the issue/problem.

Customer Server

If you should prefer to have your own server e.g. on your premises we can provide you with a fully configured  server. Please contact us for detailed information.

Terms of Service

All our hosting services (Free Hosting as well as Chargeable Hosting) are governed by our Terms of Service. Read the details.