This is a Extension developed by First Choice Internet. In many cases companies use transport companies to pick up goods from a supplier or to send goods to their customers. This extensions provides pickup orders, transport orders and delivery lists. Pickup order and transport order can be printed or send by email to a customer specific transport company.

Transport companies are special vendors - as they normally invoice for their services. A transport company can be assigned to a customer or vendor as Transport Partner. The transport partner will then be automatically copied to a new sales order or purchase order .

Transport takes time and in addition the transport company requires a bit of lead time as well. Therefore you need to notify your transport partner 2,3 or more days before you or your customer requires the product. When entering a sales order you can now specify a transport date (for purchase orders we call it pickup date). If you have assigned a transport partner it will be pulled automatically into the order; otherwise you can enter it manually.

You can select your sales orders by transport date (purchase orders by pickup date) and print or email them to the transport partner. You can also use the batch printing functions to print several documents in one go. This extesnion also includes a delivery list document. It has just been added because many companies use it.

This extension is included in our hosting solution.
The manual can be downloaded from the Downloads section. Please check here: Transport Function Manual