Main Features

ERP Ledger is an enhanced version of SQL-Ledger/Ledger123. It's main features are:

  • Web-based, multi-user, multi-currency business system
  • It comprises accounting, sales, purchases, inventory, project and assembly functions
  • Sales, purchases and inventory transactions also update their corresponding financial accounts
  • Business documents (e.g. invoice) are template driven and can be changed to suit the customers needs
  • Business documents (e.g. invoice) can be sent by email (PDF attachment) or printed.
  • Worldwide access with your Internet browser
  • Audit control can be enabled for all transactions or up to a certain day
  • With audit control active, incorrect transactions must be reversed and posted anew
  • Possibility to prevent users from editing or deleting transactions which are closed
  • System functions can be assigned to individual users
  • Multi-Language e.g. : English, Japanese, Russian, German and Simplified/Traditional Chinese etc...