System Security consists of Access Security and Data Security.

With Access Security we mean that the connection between the user and our servers is secured. This is achieved with a SSL certificate. Users can check the authenticity of the certificate by comparing the fingerprint value. Detailed instructions are here.

Data Security is achieved with 4 different measures:

  1. Data is stored in a secure data center in Japan. While data access to some anonymous data center is generally not a problem nobody can guarantee that this will always be the case. In addition there are cases where quick physical server access is important.
  2. Using a RAID system data is written to several hard disks. If any one of the hard disks should fail it is simply replaced by a new one - without any impact on data consistency.
  3. Daily Data Snapshots allow us to restore data which was deleted up to one week ago. This is important if data was deleted by mistake.
  4. The Weekly Backup stores data to a different hard disk and off-site on different server. If in an extremely rare scenario more than one hard disk should fail at the same time or the whole server should get destroyed we still have all necessary data to recover.

In addition every user of ERP-Ledger can take a database backup at any time. The data backup file can be downloaded to the users PC or send by email to the users email address. Using this backup file the user can restore his database to a previous status.