Our Service Offer

We have plenty of business consulting experience and we are using the system ourselves.

We offer the following services:

  • Japanese localization
    (Japanese user interface, Japanese email function)
  • Japanese chart of account COA
  • General customization services
  • Customization of all business documents
  • Data Migration
  • ASP hosting
  • Easy user manual
  • Training
  • Helpdesk support


  • Chart of accounts can be freely defined. Country-specific standard chart of accounts are available.
  • User access can be restricted to certain business areas or transaction.
  • Business documents (invoice, packing list, order confirmation, purchase orders, aging reports and checks etc) are generated from templates and adopted to a customers requirements.
  • Templates are provided in HTML and in LaTex formats. LaTex templates are used to produce PostScript and PDF documents. (All modern printers support PostScript)


ASP Hosting Plans consists of functional modules (e.g. accounting, trade) and system modules (e.g. number of users, languages).

For My Pace Hosting Plans the customer can freely choose from the available modules.
In addition we offer Complete Package Plans. These are Hosting Plans containing all available functions and more support.
Please see Packages for more details.

Implementation Costs

My Pace Hosting Plans include template data and basic customizing. The customer can start immediately. If he wishes so he may modify the data or request further customizing from First Choice Internet.

Complete Packages contain customer-specific customizing. Data migration and training are available options.