ERP Systems Hosting for small and medium companies.

An ERP System is an IT application covering most core requirements of companies  like bookkeeping, sales, purchasing, inventory control. Having one solution avoids double data entry and reduces overall software costs. ERP Online offers a ready to use hosted ERP System. You don't have to invest in hardware, software of further IT staff.
ERP-Ledger is based on Ledger123, an enhanced version of SQL-Ledger. It includes some enhancements for Japan.

ERP Solutions

Independently of the nature of your business you need to provide quotations, take orders, buy trade goods or raw materials, control your inventory, send invoices, monitor incoming and outgoing funds and do your bookkeeping. There are many programs available which cater for one or two of these requirements. In the past that led companies to buy several distinct "standalone" system. This results in a certain amount of double data entry and prompted companies to build interfaces between the various systems.

The problem gets worse for companies being represented in many countries. Not all software is available in all required languages and this forced companies to buy and implement different systems in different countries. That directly increases staff training costs and the support burden of the the central IT department.

It is for these reasons that big, multinational companies implement systems like SAP R//3. SAP R/3 is a multilingual and multi-currency ERP system covering most business requirements.The implementation of such a system is, however, neither easy nor cheap. On the contrary. Due to the high costs companies have to set up a special project and a project teams consisting of external consultants and own staff. The typical implementation time is between 1 and 2 years. This translates into a lot of money!

Small and medium companies (SME) have neither the resources to implement a big system nor the staff to operate it. Still, SME's have often the same processes as bigger companies - although the processes are less detailed.

ERP Solutions for SME's

In addition to commercial offerings like Microsofts Dynamics there are several OpenSource systems. In this group fall systems like OpenBravo, OpenERP and SQL Ledger/Ledger123.

SQL Ledger is a registered trademark of DWS Systems of Edmonton, Canada. Although OpenSource codebase, patch fixes and development of new features are tightly controlled by DWS Systems. On the other hand a number of people are capable and willing to provide bug fixes and new features. Armaghan Saqib collected all these changes and set up an enhanced version which he dubbed Ledger123.

Main feataures of ERP-Ledger:

As we are located in Japan our hosting includes full support of Japanese,Chinese and English. Therefore the system is the ideal solution for foreign companies and for import/export companies.

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